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Dennis Büchele, owner & founder of Bullplat.com

Bullplat.com and the PICCS Framework

About Bullplat.com

Bullplat.com is a management consultancy founded to accompany SMEs in their challenges in the digital era. By providing innovative thinking, industry knowledge and expertise in the economics of digitization, Bullplat.com offers new ways of business modeling, service design and solutioning.
The focus of our projects is on challenges whose need was initiated by external influences like cross-industry digitization developments and society’s demand for more sustainability along the value chain. In doing so, we draw on two main offerings. Our consulting framework PICCS and specified competencies of our experts according to the characteristics of your challenge.

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Process Management

Any strategic initiative, whether it is digitization projects or new business opportunities, should be set up organization wide to fully evolve its potential.
Bullplat.com guides you through the design and implementation of new business processes focusing as much on efficiency optimization as on process automation
and pre set KPIs of our customers.

Innovation Evaluation

A sole innovation is only one part of successful solutions and products. In addition it needs a strategic company wide management approach to market them.
Bullplat.com enables companies to adapt new technologies, to manage innovation and sustainably develop them to customer centric solutions.

Customer Centricity

Your customers know what challenge you have solved for them and why they will use your products and services again. For your success in the digitalized world, it is crucial that you also have this knowledge.
Bullplat.com guides you in gaining this knowledge analytically and translating it into measurable interdisciplinary business results.

Corporate Identity

An organization is the sum of individuals whose behavior and values contribute to the company’s success. While economic relationships can be managed, the associated cultural values are often difficult to grasp.
Bullplat.com, however, offers to use them as an opportunity to manage stakeholders more efficiently in a measurable and sustainable way.

Strategic Impact

Whether it is IoT initiatives, the demand for more sustainability or a changing business environment. Innovative solutions need to be designed in a holistic approach to be implemented succesfully in your organization.
Bullplat.com can support you with frameworks to design a viable and sustainable strategy that internalizes digitization and digital first business model transformation

References of Bullplat.com

Ebm Maschinenbau GmbH

The implementation of an ERP system was in its final stage and affecting each unit of the organization. To get the maximum out of the system implementation, the client was optimizing their sales and service organization in addition.
Redesign of sales & marketing processes to for future automation initiatives. Redesign of the offering structure to enable modular & scalable project structures.
Collaborative analysis of the portfolio, sales performance, and opportunity management. Redesign of the sales process to optimize information flow and management within the company. This included workshops to define new offerings as much as the process optimization and automation adaptivity.
About the client
60 employees, manufacturing systems engineering, mostly European customers

DEVK Agentur Janisch

The Corporation announced to end IT support within six months. Still agencies were facing strong requirements regarding future IT infrastructure. In addition, agencies show limited IT skills on workforce level.
Analysis of corporate requirements and matching with possible mobile solutions for collaboration that fulfill brand manager’s expectations and budget requirements on best possible level. Management of logistics and implementation of the new IT infrastructure were a welcome supplement.
40 hours of work including every step from purchase decision to integration of physical network storage
About the client
Eight employees, depending on corporate IT, regional insurance agency

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